Wedding Photography Poses – Are You Puzzled By Which Are The Right Ones To Use?

Every bride wants to look her best on her big day, there’s no question about that. As I’ve worked in this industry, I’ve gleaned a lot of tips and tricks, and I wanted to share with you my five essential tips that every bride should know regarding her wedding day makeup. Most of them specifically apply to how the makeup will photograph.

Post cards- Anywhere you go, no matter what places you have been, they are good mediums to say hello to your friends if you will be going to another country. You can find a good scenery or a famous tourist spot as your background. Print them on a special paper with greetings and you can mail it to your families and friends who are expecting to hear from you.

Zooms offer one thing primes cannot. They offer the ability to compose your photograph while standing relatively in the same place. For event photography this is a big plus. You cannot always get close enough to the action for the shot that you want. Zoom lenses also give you a big advantage if you’re trying to capture candid photographs. They allow you to sneak up next to the subject without them noticing you. This makes for natural looking images and removes the observer effect from your subject.

Decorations- Put your photos in wonderful frames and make hang them on your walls. They make your homes homier. The products of your best pre wedding photographer singapore should be displayed as well, especially when they are dramatic and artistic.

If the day is ‘overcast’ don’t worry – I got married on a day like this and the depth of colour and detail in the photos came out beautifully… in other words you will have perfect natural lighting on a day like this.

Waikiki Beach – The beaches in Waikiki are criss-crossed every day by newly married couples. The beach here is justly famous for its beauty and the curve of the sand that goes into Diamond Head one way and beautiful hotels the other, provides a stunning backdrop no matter which direction you go.

You now know what to expect when it comes to wedding photographer prices. If you’re smart and use some of the tips listed above, you can easily cut those wedding photographer prices in half!