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Culture change is one of those buzz words we hear seemingly everyday in corporate America. But unlike most of them, this one is actually important. Given the amount of significant change organizations face today, learning to quickly and effectively change a culture is extremely important. By understanding some simple concepts, you can rapidly accelerate changing the culture of your origination.

This Siemens location produced a number of different products for various clients. This facility produces such products as power conversion drives, e-houses, and custom drives for tractors and mining products. One of their biggest clients is Carrier. Carrier is a brand that includes various models of air conditioning units. This location assembled various types of Carrier units. Siemens also had a small area in the warehouse where they were also helping Carrier design new units as well. Another big client that they have recently required is with the New York City Transit Authority. They have also had contracts with companies such as BMW, General Electric, and General Motors.

Nepotism and Fraternization can create as many problems, as waste and some of the other issues. General Motors is an excellent example of the situation with nepotism. If you have several relatives working for you or husband and wife or friends, you are creating an atmosphere of favoritism and are encouraging many different problems. If you have friends who work for you, they may be allowed to go unchecked on bad decisions or errors. You may be tempted to look the other way because they are your friends. Family members working in the same company create a situation for losing two employees vs one, in the case of firing, relocation, and other family related occurrences.

This is a bit subjective, but during your ERP comparison, meet with the provider’s service management. Find out how committed they are to you as an individual client to ensure that you are successful. Find out how easy it is to engage the service division’s management with an escalation should you have a support issue.

A good way to establish requirements in your ERP comparison is to focus on the uniqueness of your business and ensure that the system supports those specialized functions. Too often people spend a lot of time and effort on documenting the trivial… “Can the system issues a/p checks?” or “can the system do double entry accounting?” Okay, that was an oversimplification, but you should see what we are driving at. The questions to the software providers should be along the lines of “Can the system support a third-party logistics integration?” or “Does the system support soluciones lean in project based company?” The more focused on your specialized business you can write these questions, the better the differences between the various systems in your ERP Comparison will be demonstrated.

Now, you have another platform consideration option to factor into your ERP comparison. Cloud computing. There are more and more ERP vendors who are offering a hosted solution. But keep in mind that this may only be a hosted server, or it may be a true multi-tenant environment where upgrades are easily maintained. This will require little if any internal IT support so it could be a less expensive solution to support. It could also have a negative impact on IT moral since you would be taking responsibilities away from them. The key solution here is to make sure that IT is involved from the beginning of the ERP Comparison when it comes to platform discussions. Early decisions on the platform often determine potential vendor candidates.

Exception: if you are a restaurant, oil change shop or some other B to C business that is offering coupons as part of your brouchure in order to get people to take action.