Tips For Saving Money On Cleaning Supplies

One of the most horrible things to happen to anyone is to go through a flooded home. Flooding due to a busted pipe, or an overflowing sink or bathtub, or even worse maybe a natural disaster.

If your vehicle stalls, abandon it and move to higher ground. In the case of flash flooding, you may only have minutes or even seconds to save your life. Cars can be replaced.

The first thing I noticed about this bathroom when I opened the door was the fact that it does not have a window. This makes the space feel dark and closed in. The layout of the bathtub, sink and toilet is what I call the “builders standard layout.” The tub is located at the back of the room up against the back wall, the sink is positioned immediately to the right upon entering the room and the toilet is between the tub and the sink. Carol has every reason to want to update this space. Frankly, it was just the opposite of warm and inviting. It was drab and dreary.

Using a tarp may not sound like an ideal fix, but when money is low, you do what you must. Even a few simple preventative repairs can save you a lot of money and stress while also helping to lessen any further Protecting your rafters, sheathing, insulation, walls and ceilings must be a priority. Replace the roof quickly, but with a reasonable plan of action.

The downspouts are typically clogged at the top entrance with leaves, twigs, bird nests, pet toys, roof debris, pine needles, etc. Downspouts can also be clogged internally. Often times debris gets stuck at one of the elbows in the downspout and then starts to build up. Not only does this block the flow of rain water it can also cause permanent damage to the downspout. When the water and debris that is stuck inside the downspout freezes and then expands the downspout can split open or it can be rusted out do to years of debris sitting in there.

Needless to say, because Carol had just spent her life savings on the purchase of her home, there was not a lot of money in the budget to turn her eye sore of a bathroom into a place of escape and tranquility. Not knowing how to accomplish this task on a shoestring budget, she asked me if I would offer her some advice. So here is the advice I gave Carol.

They are microscopic bugs that live and feed on dead skin cells that are shed by us and our pets. They may seem harmless to most of us but a single dust mite produces 20 wastes (feces) each day which contains a protein that make people get an allergic reaction and induce asthma to people who are asthmatic.

Protect your floors. Buy a roll of resin paper and blue painter’s tape from your local paint store or some place like Home Depot. Roll the paper out on floor and secure it with the tape. Place this paper in all the major traffic area where you or the movers will be walking during the move. As soon as you’re finished with the move make sure you remove the tape to protect the finish. Also, a strip of cheap carpet on the places you walk will work too.