Tips For Creative Spring Knitting Patterns

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The following are some basic guidelines in converting information from your crochet pattern to a knitting pattern. Translate the pattern row by row. Every time you translate one row of single crochet, translate it to one row for your knitting pattern. Translate two rows of knit and purl, and two rows of garter stitch. Three rows of knitting should be substituted for one row of half-double crochet. One row of double crochet should be replaced by knitting a row for a total of four rows. One row of treble crochet should be replaced with six rows of stockinette. From time to time, make sure to check your gauge. This is to ensure accuracy in the reading of direction, and in obtaining the correct measurement for your item.

Addi carries two knitting machines that are great learning tools. These machines are the Addi Express Knitting is my life Machine and the Addi King Size Express Knitting Machine. The stitch definition from these two machines is extremely neat and even. The Addi Express machine comes with DVD instructions, so you have a visual guide in case you get lost. With twenty-two pegs, this machine is great for baby clothing and smaller projects. The Addi Express King Size machine is great for larger projects, as it has 46 pegs. This machine comes with an instruction book to help you get started on the right foot. Both of these machines knit both flat and in the round.

For example if you’re selling “knitting services patterns”… you may sell 10 different packages of knitting patterns, but the customer is still going to be the same type of person. Most likely a woman, on the older side, isn’t very web-savvy, etc. etc.

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New to knitting? Then don’t knit with specialty yarns or anything fuzzy or ribbon-y, like fun fur or mohair. It’s too difficult to see your stitches on the needle, and you’ll get lost in the fuzz. Take my word for it!

But do leave something to the imagination. Then your readers can be creative, too. If, for example, you describe a jug as green, a door as red, an armchair as comfortable and a curtain as pleated, does any of this information really contribute to your plot’s progress. If not, let the reader colour things in. They are often good at it, and might indeed prefer their way of looking at things. Stick to the knitting. Ensure your story is a rattling good yarn.