“The Cool Guy With The Candy Store” (Video)

It was a special assignment for Associated Content. It was a tough beat, but I felt up to the task. I had gone two whole weeks without sugar before going to New York City, therefore my taste buds were primed and ready to find the sweetest, tastiest cupcake in the Big Apple.

Sort the STASH!: It’s fun to put it all in categories such as chocolates, CBD gummies, treasures, huge ones, small ones, favorites, ones to trade, etc. If you have more than one child, encourage trading. Pick a couple of pieces to eat that night. Encourage moderation and listening to their bodies by asking things like, “do you feel full?” Save the rest for another time.

Zilker Park is probably Austin’s most famous park. You can enjoy the outdoors by walking, biking, etc. or you can take part in newer events such as geocaching or ultimate disc. Austin has several other parks, too, including the Blunn Creek Nature Preserve (near St. Edward’s University off of Woodward street).

Children love gummi hot dogs, pizzas, hamburgers, and French fries. These goodies look like miniature versions of the real thing, complete with all the fixings. Add them to the counter area and CBD gummies kids will pick one up each time they visit the store. Gummy sidewinder snakes are also a hit with children. A new treat that is sure to be a hot seller is the gummi lightning bug. This little guy actually lights up, while at the same time being edible. Adults and children alike will not be able to resist.

Make lettering the cake really easy by starting with waxed paper. Create the letters, numbers or emblems on the waxed paper using tube icing. Place the paper on a platter and slide into the freezer. When the lettering is hard you can then pluck each letter from the paper and stick them to the cake. This technique is really helpful if the letters aren’t on the top of the cake, but on the sides instead. Make flower shapes, geometrical shapes and other designs using this method.

In just three years, The Sweet Tooth has taken May from the unemployment line to a successful business owner with expansion plans on his mind. He said that down the road, he would like to open a second location.

Keep in mind that an athlete who trains hours a day and a sedentary 9-5 office worker will need different snacks throughout the day. Focus on picking snacks that are a good fit with your daily healthy needs. You know your body best!