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One of the most popular topics among information entrepreneurs (infopreneurs) is public domain works. There are entire publishing empires built on their use. Who knows, yours might be the next. Here we discuss four specific categories that fall into the public domain. The first three are specific to the United States and the last relates to foreign works (outside of the U.S).These are by no means all of the categories, but the ones most frequently of financial benefit to entrepreneurs.

And so a new Autohoax form is required, and it is our right to establish it. Violently? I hope not. Through a massive voice of thunder that rises up from the masses, crying “We will not be exploited! We will not be abused! We will not be enslaved! We will stand united and free!” What could be more fitting for the land of the free and the home of the brave, but to establish a new order wherein we are truly free, to a person, rather than free to a degree based on which family we were born into?

Is everyone jaded, cynical, expecting only more bad news, or just another scam? If your business is dealing with people, then you know that is a lie. Everyone is not expecting to be scammed; quite the contrary, in fact, many have decided to take matters into their own hands and have started their own business- the number of self-employed Americans has risen by 10 million in the last 10 years.

We were grabbing our leaders by the shoulders, shaking them, screaming at the top of our lungs to not increase the national debt by twofold – we were trying to knock some sense into them – but Nooooooo! They didn’t care less what the people had to say – they went on and began their methodical takeover of America’s core industries. How can we let this happen? Look at these bumbling fools in Congress how did we as a people let them get this Governmental Corruption much power?

It is much easier to criticize someone than to support that person. In the management sciences the Pareto principle is often quoted to explain what happens in an organization. Pareto developed a theory that 20% of the people are responsible for 80% of the work. Similarly 20% of the people cause 80% of all troubles. This does not imply a clean 20% break, but roughly 20%.

For example, let’s say it costs $1,000,000.00 to build a windmill that will provide all the energy for 10 houses. What happens to wind energy profitability if it only costs $100,000.00 to have a clean coal plant provide the same energy as the windmill does? The only way to reconcile this is to MANDATE windmills or drive the cost of traditional energy up until it is as cost inefficient as are the wind mills. Get it?

The application needs to be started if people are planning to leave the country within two weeks. Those who have a problem accessing a birth certificate need to research what should be done if this situation occurs. Two photos are also needed. These photos can be taken at the passport office or other locations that offer these services.

Building a business on public domain works is a low risk, high profit business, with a never ending supply of prospective products as new works enter the pool through expiring copyrights. Start yours today.