Running With Knee Pain? Let’s Fix It!

Our ancestors ran for millions of years barefoot using midfoot landing as do many Kenyans today with little or no foot, ankle and shin problems. In addition lab research analysing running kinetics also demonstrates that there may be less impact and less injuries sustained with fore/midfoot running.

How can you look with a bad posture or what can it do to you? Well, it makes you look weak, not to mention 10 pound heavier. It can’t help you land a spot in the varsity team. It can get you kicked out of police academy or army training, and if you are an employee wanting to make it to the top, it can sabotage your chance of a job promotion. And if you suffer from constant back pain, you can blame your slumped or hunched shoulders.

Keep motivated – stay positive, don’t be afraid to request help if you think you are slipping. Determine your weak spots – like what gets you overeating?. Once you understand the trigger, you can recognize it and not let it win.

Take ballet classes. This may sound stupid to you, but ballet is all about proper body alignment. Taking classes in ballet is a fun way to know what a good posture is.

Herniated discs are very painful. Inner core’s soft fluid spills out and more problems are faced by the patient. This may happen with any disc in spine but usually it happens with the discs which are at the bottom of back since the pressure is more.

He won so much despite not having a coach, as he relied on fitness trainer Pierre Paganini, massage tokai Pavel Kovac, and a management team composed of a few friends, his girlfriend, and his parents.

Bad posture isn’t just unhealthy but disrespectful to your dignity. It will damage your spinal health and bring bullies to taunt or overpower you. Being unhealthy indeed can lead you to live a dreadful life.

If you pronate, but are not experiencing any symptoms, you may want to use over the counter orthotic insoles to control your pronation. Most over the counter foot orthotics are too soft to control movement and will allow pronation to occur, but there are some that are firm enough to help stop you from pronating. They may be very beneficial in preventing future problems caused by overpronation.