Private Investor Targeting – Are Cd’s Your Best Shot?

The fact is that you make your money when you buy (you realize that money when you sell). If you buy it for too much, then you will lose money – it is a simple as that.

If they say, “If you get funding or a lead investor, we’ll follow.” And what that really means is, once your first round of financing is completed by someone else, we’d be happy to give you more, but let someone else take the risk.

When you are looking for owner financed homes, you should obviously keep a number of things in mind. You should be very careful about where exactly you want to buy the property. The real estate prices vary from one place to the other and a good knowledge about the prices will help you to get a prospective deal. The owner or the investor of the house will surely want the buyer to make monthly payments and make the profit out of the interest rates. But you should negotiate a price which involves smaller down payments. A Company Information or a landlord may not be interested in too much of a down payment as a lower risk factor may be involved.

To get the best results Penny Stocks should be purchased while the majority are still in the dark as to their future potential. The advisor you enlist to help you must be someone you can trust who specialises in identifying such Investment opportunities. This advisor’s track record must be steeped in success.

The Indian market has progressed over the last 10 years, in terms of growth and size. At first people were reluctant to invest, as they were more used to depositing money in banks. But as inflation went up, people opened up to the idea of investing their money in it and other areas of interest. That, and the IT boom of the early 2000’s, opened up a whole new world to the growing populous of India.

As I’ve written before, getting private money is a marketing process – not a financing process. It’s not the same thing as filling out bank paperwork and waiting like a good soldier. An unfortunate, but true, fact is that most people that have the money to invest with you do not know about your opportunity. And, if you don’t tell them, who will?

Even though the agent has been working as an agent for the past ten years, you still need to make sure that he has the experience when it comes to selling real estate agents. There are agents who were in the business for decades but were only able to sell less than 10 properties, which won’t be a good candidate if you are looking for the best realty agent.

Please just don’t make the mistake in thinking that your private money investor’s financial advisor is going to be excited about them pulling $250,000 out of their firm to invest with you. They’ll probably be trying to find a doll and stick pins in it to derail your deal with some kind of weird voodoo (after all, I think that’s how those guys pick their stocks). Luckily, voodoo doesn’t work on real estate investors like you!