Preparing To Start A Christian Work At Home Business

Are you just starting out as a freelance writer or ghost writer? Building up a resume can be one of your biggest challenges. No one is going to believe you know how to write without proof. I know. I was there in early 2007. All I had to demonstrate my writing skills was a PDF of some inspirational articles I had written many years ago and the content for a business website I had written to promote my other career at the time, working as a personal chef.

If you have an online business, then you have one niche in which you are building your business. If you know enough about your niche you should be able to create an article about which your potential This is a brand new collection subscriber would be interested.

Personally, I have found the best way of finding inspiration is reading or viewing other people’s material for my niche. I’m not promoting plagiarism, far from it. I look on it as picking other people’s brains. Do I agree or disagree with their point of view? Can I expand on a really valid point and add value to the argument?

Imaging getting loads from coaching, really moving forwards from where you are today and feeling great again. 6 months later and you want to revisit some of the tools and techniques you gained from coaching, but you just can’t find them….

Write it down. If you’ve written your goals and your action plans down you are more likely to achieve them. You can then look back and have a record of what you’re going to achieve, as well as being able to tick them off when you have done them.

My life was in total disarray, I ended up filing for bankruptcy because I tried to help a friend and cosigned a loan which he left me hanging with. So you can imagine that my life was failing as fast as the sun going down at sunset. I thought of God on occasion, but never reached out to him. If things were not bad enough, in January 2007 all this mess had taken it’s toll on my loving life of 23 years. She had been diagnosed as being bipolar the previous spring. So in January, I got a voice mail from her, she left a frantic message that she was thinking about suicide and she was going to see her doctor. You can imagine my state of mind at hearing that.

I was ready to go back, and this was before all the depression had set in. I was depressed, but the real the serious depression would not begin until a little over a year later. We started going to this small church on a hill close to where I live. The people there were friendly and inviting. The Pastor was a God filled holy man of God. Over the next year, I became a regular attendee and the Pastor became my friend. Things were actually looking well from a spiritual standpoint. Then I injured my back and was in such pain I basically was home bound for a long while, and I stopped attending church.

Stay tuned for more articles about creativity in your home workplace. One of my favorite inspirational writers on this topic is Sark, who wrote Change Your Life Without Getting out of Bed. It is one of my Deb’s Pics on this page.