New York Holidays – A Trip To New York City Has Something For Everyone

Another popular museum is the Cranbrook Institute of Science on the Cranbrook campus in Bloomfield Hills. They have permanent exhibits on dinosaurs, including a full-size skeleton cast of a Tyrannosaurus Rex. Exhibits also explore the relationship between dinosaurs and birds. General admission to the Institute is $9 for adults and $7 for children aged 2 to 12 and senior citizens. Friday evenings after 5 the fees are $5 and $4. The museum is open from 10 to 5 daily except for major holidays, and from 10 to 10 on Fridays.

Raleigh is a hikers dream come true. The city continues to extend it’s Greenway system. They have built tunnels under roads and recently completed a bridge over the Beltline 440. They have trails around lakes throughout the city. In addition the state of North Carolina has an 11 thousand acre park, Umstead inside the city with more trails.

The oldest (and one of the largest) toy retailer in North America, this is definitely an attraction you want to visit, even if you don’t have children. The scope of this toy store is so massive that it will take your breath away. Even if you are a hardened adult, you will feel like a child again. If you have ever seen the movie Big, you will recognize the giant floor piano. If you jump on the various keys, the corresponding noise will come out. All in all this is a animated remote control magical experience.

The fair is open for a whole week in July, with entertainment from concerts to monster trucks. There is a carnival, farm exhibits, and lots and lots of greasy food. There are different forms of entertainment every day and, if you so choose, you can buy a mega pass for $60, which includes all of the rides, or a fun pack for $40 if you don’t like the rides. VIP parking is $3, but the rest of the parking is about a minute longer walk (and it’s free).

At the Museum of flight you will really enjoy yourself as the history of flight comes to life right before you eyes. This museum has a wonderful array of fun activities to offer for every age. You can do things like touring the original Air Force One jet or sit yourself behind a modern day jet flight simulator. You will find yourself entrenched and amazed as you explore the history of both personal and military flight. It is so much fun that the admission price is well worth it but remember with the city pass you are getting a great deal and paying only a fraction of what everyone else. Even at the full price this is still a recommended attraction.

The North Carolina Art Museum is the top attraction for artist. There is always a new attraction on display. The museum has several levels, each with galleries of art from different periods and of different types. There is a small gallery of Jewish art. There is a gallery of Egytian. There is a gallery of African art. And the list goes on. A person with serious interest in the arts could easily spend days here. They also have short video in there theater on specific artists. And to top it off they have a fantastic restaurant on their lowest floor. Additionally they offer movies on friday evenings at seven pm. THey are closed on Mondays.

L.A.Theatre Works’ radio theater series can also be heard on the following stations (check local listings for broadcast times): 89.7 WGBH, Boston; 91.5 WBEZ, Chicago; 94.9 KUOW, Seattle; 94.1 KPFA, Berkeley; 91.1 KRCB, North Bay (San Francisco); and in over 100 markets nationwide.