Make Money Blogging With The Right Keywords In The Right Places!

Many blog owners are actively looking for guest bloggers. You can research blogs in a directory like Technorati or go to Blogger Linkup that can connect you with blogs looking for a guest blogger.

Set up a blog. You can set up a free blog either through Google’s or WordPress. com. With WordPress you need to pick a theme. Do not use a default theme as it gives the idea that you are looking for a quick fix. But pick one of the many free themes that WordPress offers and go with it. Also, check out the many plug-ins that WordPress offers on their dot org web site. They can add a lot of functionality to your blog. Then blog often making sure to high light key words in your blog through italics and link several to your web site.

Affiliate marketing programs cost nothing to join and therefore many people are doing this all around the world. It doesn’t take any sort of skill or education level to get involved in internet affiliate marketing.

The Display Network – Turning up in the search engines final results isn’t the only real type of PPC ads available. Google AdWords also causes it to be ridiculously simple to promote your website on various other websites and social media over the internet.

I think the owner of a new, small community site needs to give the site at least one year and preferably two years of operation before determining if the site meets enough expectations to warrant its continuation. The owner can set a tone for the site with occasional strong opinions. Of course, that depends upon the site’s focus, but I don’t think lameness works. Studies have shown that for community sites, most visitors are browsing or read-only users. Only a small percentage of visitors contribute content, and an even smaller percentage are active contributors. That’s why it’s important for a new site owner to post often. And they need to be interesting posts. Some of the posts should contain a lengthy analysis and an opinion. Browsing users need a reason to visit the site often.

And after four years, I wanted to try something different with Toledo Talk. I enjoy the spirited political discussions, but when they dominate most of the postings, and when many are not locally-oriented, it gets tiring. I prefer the political topics to be local-related. And many other local subjects exist personal blog besides politics.

Then go to some of the top discussion discussion boards, such as The Warrior Forum, and let people know you’re available to write. If you have a particular niche you need to write on start contacting bloggers in those niches and inform them you are interested in writing content for them.

Thank you John, er, jr for agreeing to be part of the Q&A. If any reader has suggestions for other Toledo Social Media Examiner QA&A, please contact me. I can’t make any guarantees, but am definitely open to any and all suggestions!