Hundreds Of Cats And Dogs Wait To Go Home After Joplin Tornado

Get your running shoes on and join the largest collection of Santa’s in one place for the 2009 Great Santa Run. This years Grand Marshal will be Nascar driver and Las Vegas Native Kurt Busch. The Kurt Busch Foundation and Golden Gaming, the parent company of PT’s Pubs are the title sponsors of the event benefiting Opportunity Village.

Don’t forget the free online services like Craigslist! Recently one of my clients landed a dream job that was advertised on Craigslist; she asked me about it because me it sounded too good to be true.

Choose how you will approach the season – If you work in an non-charity non profit donations program and December has always been a big month to receive donations, well don’t stop doing what works, for heaven’s sake. But if you notice that your staff are exhausted and people around you seem desensitized by the increased requests for money that happen during the holidays, you may be more effective if you don’t push the sales side of things, but rather take the time to re-ignite and reinvigorate your relationships – without even a hint of a sales pitch.

The United Way- This is similar to the Salvation Army. It is a network in 45 countries that is a community organization on reputable local charities levels for the advancement of the common good of all. They help children with after school activities, youth groups, educational needs, healthy eating, and they also help in financial ways when needed.

“We will set up a schedule of round the clock care for the animals,” Williams said. She hopes they can take at least 50 but that number ultimately will depend how many her group can reasonably manage.

What won we over personally, was that this version still was able to provoke the same amount of intense emotion as the original, but from a different perspective.

Get them in on taking care of a pet! We had a large fish tank and my child was fascinated with feeding them. At school they have a small hermit crab that he is always excited to feed. And there’s of course the family dog that I encouraged him to pet gently and lovingly instead of just roughhousing with. I attribute this early interaction with a variety of animals in being key in his understand of how to compassionately and hand fully handle them.

Wise words. You get the feeling, when talking to Willy, that Citrine Solutions is a business built on hard work, compassion for others and ethics. You can learn more about this family illawarra business and their charitable work.