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We are a month into the new year. By now almost everyone has replaced last year’s calendars with new ones for 2010. When I was young I learned an important trick from my mother. We always make an effort to have a calendar with big squares that can be written on. In our family it is referred to as “the calendar.” If anyone has an important engagement or appointment it needs to be written on the appropriate date, along with the time. If you do this it can make organizing your life much easier.

Don’t panic! You are not alone! You are not the first and you won’t be the last to go through this illness. Does it suck, yes! Will self-pity and worry and anxiety help you get better, NO! In fact those things will actually make your condition worse.

Almost all vision problems are attributable to people having bad habits, and these bad habits are what cause the majority of vision problems. Repairing your vision is as simple as losing these bad habits and teaching your eyes to work like they can. And again this particular program can do all this without surgery or contact lenses as well as glasses, and you can restore your vision.

About five months later, this woman started having difficulty seeing out of one of her eyes. She thought she needed eyeglasses. She went to her local eyeglass store where an eye vision examined her and gave her a prescription for eyeglasses. He noticed something in the eye that was troubling her and suggested she see an eye doctor for further evaluation. Shortly afterward, she made an appointment with a local eye doctor who also noticed something abnormal. By this time, her vision was getting worse by the day. It got so bad that this woman could barely see anything out of her eye. Her eye doctor ordered an MRI.

The book promises to give you all the answers you need and the assurance that there is nothing to fear about eye surgery. You are going to be assured that surgeries to eye using high- technology are now safe and most of the time painless.

We used the Five In A Row program for several years, and now use My Father’s World. Both of these programs use living books. I’ve also discovered that she is an audio learner. She uses Teaching Textbooks for math now because she can watch and hear the lessons on our computer. She is doing so much better. She has developed a greater sense of accomplishment because she can do this on her own. She has accepted that learning just doesn’t come as easily for her and that it’s okay because she’s good at so many other things.

If you have been diagnosed with eye problems that need a special surgical procedure, you are in luck! Books are available as guides to eye surgeries. All the procedures are explained in full detail so if you are seriously considering surgery, you can weigh the options more carefully if you are fully geared with information.

What are the rates of risks and complications that have occurred in your patients after you performed a Lasik eye surgery on them? How many successful outcomes have you had?