How To Pimp Up Your Myspace Profile

In this tutorial I will show you how to add code to your MySpace profile that will allow your friends to contact you through AOL Instant Messenger and Yahoo Inastant Messenger. These codes are easy to use and they make it easy for your friends to contact you. With one click they can send you a message. I will show you how to add each code.

Regularly Add content. People need a reason to come back to visit you, or they may forget about you. Include regular news updates on your site, a journal, chat room, or discussion board. Build a sense of community so that your visitors will want to come back again and again.

The page that you are on now will display all of the Smile comments available with this application. To send a comment to your friend, you will need to look through the comments and click the one you want to send. Once you click it, a red box will appear around it.

myspace is centered around YOU…. You do know how to talk about yourself I assume? The worst thing you can do on Myspace is try to sell, sell, sell, SELL! So if you’re not great at writing a bunch of sales copy you’ll do just fine on myspace account. Your ultimate goal is to get people to go check out your website so you don’t WANT to give all the information away anyway.

On this page you will see the Get Code button. Click that button. The page will reload and you will see the box of code. Highlight the code in the box. Then right click the code and click the copy link in myspace account the menu.

There are social networks specifically just for bloggers. One of these networks is Blog Catalog. Sign up with them, and actively participate in the discussions. You can learn many useful tips just from reading the forums. Post your own helpful tips, and you will greatly increase visitors to your blog.

Now obviously not all have their personal websites to post stuff like songs, videos etc. therefore, it is advisable to use a free file hosting site. These days one can easily find such websites over the internet. Upload your favorite songs on the hosting website. Then you will receive a URL which carries the location of your song on the internet. You can use this URL to quickly access your song anytime anywhere. Then login to your MySpace account and click on the “I’d like to meet” tab and enter the URL. Next time when you login you will hear the song you have selected.