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Starting a brainstorming session is the surest way of creating your own product. It can be by you but there is nothing wrong with including your spouse, your work colleagues and friends. Whatever you need to do to get those creative ideas to keep on flowing, go for it!

You need to work out how someone appears to others – what they look like, what they do, their work, hobbies and everything else that make up their public self. But everyone has internal characteristics too. You need to know how they feel, what makes them tick, their likes, dislikes, fears and favours.

1) Give her space while giving yourself space as well. Breaking up with your girlfriend can be like withdrawing from a drug. Our thoughts get all mucked up and the first reaction is to constantly be calling, text messaging, emailing and the like, anything to get in contact with her. These are not positive steps toward getting your girlfriend back. Do not send her gifts or cards or anything of that nature. Let’s get serious, you know gifts didn’t attract her to you in the first place so it is not going to be something to re-attract her. Remember you need your space too. By being in constant contact you are not a challenge to her at all and if anything this is not a way of getting your girlfriend back but pushing your girlfriend further and further away from you.

My basic rule is to buy the best I can afford. This removes the inadequate equipment excuse out of the equation. After that, look after the camera/s well and learn to use the features effectively.

The first and most important tip is consistency. It’s not always easy to dedicate a fixed amount of time, but whilst ten minutes learning this language is better than none at all you’ll absorb much more of this language if you can apply yourself in a structured manner. This can be going to French lessons (something I highly recommend), listening to a CD or MP3 while you’re on the move, setting aside an hour each evening for home study, any of a whole bunch of methods. Sound boring? Don’t let it be. Mix up the methods. Find ways to challenge yourself. Learn French related to your favorite pastime or mekking. What do you like to do when you go out? How would you handle that in French?

More and more, women are putting themselves in charge of their income. Gone are the days when women were dependent on their husbands for an income, but a lot of women still don’t feel comfortable managing their own finances. That’s changing. Fast. But women still only earn 78% of what a man would make for the same exact work.* A lot of women are going, “Wait a minute…” Owning her own business can be a way around that. It can also be a way to stay home with the kids when they’re little, either because she wants to or because quality child care is some expensive that it can almost cancel out the extra income.

2) Along with giving her space it is apparent that when you do talk to her again that you do NOT beg her to give you another shot. She might be mad or even feel sad for breaking up with you. If your goal is getting your girlfriend back you need to let her deal with these things. Let her get over these bad feelings. After some time she will start to wonder if you are over her and now you have flipped the script on her. She is now feeling rejected instead of you. In order to pave the way to getting your girlfriend back I will re-state do NOT beg her to give the relationship another chance. When she misses you and wants you back she will bring it up and this is ideally what you want.

Marriage can be a wonderful experience. It can be painful, frustrating, hilarious, comforting, annoying and tender. How much it leans to either end of the happiness spectrum depends on you making a good choice of partner at the beginning.