How I Bought My First Home With No Money Down

Humans love life for the most part. Working where you can meet different people helps bring a huge benefit in ones field of expertise. Smiles help to make a day brighter. The joking around and laughter that goes with being around others is gratifying. Personalities are many and can change a rainy day to bright sunshine. Long lasting relationships have come about through a career in selling and buying properties.

Standing out in the pouring rain, I dug into the flower bed where I remembered Philip burying the statue. I dug and dug. There was no statue. I made the hole bigger, disrupting even more of the flower bed; still no statue. I dug deeper and larger. St. Joseph was not to be found in the triangle. He had left either by etheric slippage (as I like to call it) or via one of the moles that inhabit the backyard from time to time. (Imagine a St. Joseph shrine under the earth in a little mole hole if you would.) No wonder St. Joseph wasn’t selling the house, he wasn’t there!

First, we need to discuss what a “HUD home” is. A HUD home is a property that has been foreclosed on that originally used FHA insured financing to purchase the property. The homeowner could not make the payments for whatever reasons and the lender foreclosed on it. HUD then reimburses the lender for what is owed to the lender and HUD takes ownership of the property.

In sports…10…20….30…or 60 million dollars for a player is a disgrace and insanity in this country! There is NO athlete or entertainer worth this kind of money…and who are the FOOLS in all this? The fools who buy the tickets, that who…the fans who pay these jokesters that kind of money! These sports and entertainment people are certainly worth the 60 million dollars they get…60 million dollars of arrogance they display! These people are NOT worth what they get paid…and as a nation we have left the Age of Greed…and entered the Age of Insanity!

This routine can feel useless but it’s not. The best producers have multiple Realtors feeding them leads. Gather your team members and list all the ways your office adds value to the working relationship you establish with your selected Realtors. I spoke with a commercial Broker Vergleich yesterday about how many visits he’s getting from Loan Officers. His answer: None.

Should the U.S. government bail out General Motors and other car-makers with tax dollars? My answer is NO…because General Motors and others are being miss-managed. The government should let them go under, and America will survive the ripple-effect of job losses it causes.

Accept offers and close. Be prepared to receive buying offers from interested consumers. Be prepared to close the deal too. If you’re not experienced at closing, better have a professional timeshare closing company do the closing for you. It will save you from the hassle of the paperwork that goes into the closing.