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We hear about it almost everyday. Bully’s are beginning to control everything. The school systems have made themselves a safe haven for bully’s and a prison for the rule abiding students. We all know that it has gotten so bad that kids are now hurting each other and themselves because of the frustration and anger they feel that the bully’s are allowed to bully leaving the victims to fend for themselves.

Try to arrange a tour of your child’s school for your child, preferably a tour given by your child’s teacher. Let your child see where the lunchroom is, the bathrooms, the office and even the other Odtülüler Dershanesi. Some schools have web sites with pictures of the school which allow you and your child to take a virtual tour. By seeing the school ahead of time, your child will walk in to familiar surroundings that first day.

Film Notes: If you liked Metropolis, The Matrix, and Inception, you have to see this film. I wrote an entire master’s thesis on it. If you can, watch the commentary by Rober Ebert.

Picking boarding schools can be the fun part. You want a school that your child will like, and you will approve of. Kids want a school that they will find interesting and want to stay at. The school needs to be filled with bright and happy colors. It should also have a welcoming staff. The kids will be away from home a lot, so they want to feel at comfortable and happy at school. For the school to be comfortable it must provide the children with a warm and caring atmosphere.

One should always keep the light and friendly environment around wherever he or she is working. One can do this by playing some light music in background this would keep your mood in good spirits. This would also motivate you to work longer and your interest may also arise for the boring task even which you were not wanting to earlier as you online tution are happy.

Don’t marry the job! Believe me…”to-do” lists never end once you go back to school. Learn to prioritize. I made a vow early on to spend little to none of my weekend time at school. The exception of course was when I took on a coaching position or something similar. I also surprised the custodians on rare occasions when I stayed too late in my classroom. There is a lot to do, that’s for sure. I found that if I arrived early, before most others, I would have quiet time that was much more efficiently spent. Do what’s important and delegate when you can. Students can be great helpers even before school starts.

A painful question. Actually, I have a number of manuscripts: another children’s book, an adult mystery, a play and a teenage adventure story — all waiting for final editing. Again, your interview may push me into action.