Golf Getaways: The West Coast

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I forgive you for confining us to the car for hours and making us gaze in awe at the craggy peaks in Zion National Park, the spires in Bryce Canyon National Park, and the spectacular rust-colored Arches National Park. I forgive you for exposing us to all the intriguing mud pots and soaring geysers in Yellowstone National Park, and for putting us in danger there with bears so close by.

Head to the hotel. While it might seem silly to rent a room in your town or city, even just getting out of your own house sometimes is a break enough for many people. Try getting a room for the weekend and living like a tourist or not even leaving the room to get the most relaxation from the experience.

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People love to go to the hills. And destinations like Manali and Kodaikanal are two very easily accessible and round-the-year hilly getaways in Birmingham. Great Manali hotels and scenic panorama always act as a lure to the city residents. Even Kodaikanal, with its poetic settings and comfy Kodaikanal hotels, offer a great reprieve from the infernal weather during the summer.

Terranea is an Weekend getaways oceanfront resort in Rancho Palos Verdes an oceanside community in Southern California. You will be surrounded by ocean views and welcomed with luxury while spending your beach and golf vacation here. The golf course is a high calibur 9 hole par 3 course where you can sport your game or take private lessons. They are only 3 miles away from the Trump Nation Golf Club, so when you have worked on your skills, travel a short ways to test them out.

Other area hot spots will be Wahoo’s on the Island, Sloppy Pelican, Woody’s Waterfront Grill, Philthy Phil’s, and Gator’s next to John’s Pass, which is also having BBQ along with live music and entertainment. All are located within walking distance of St. Pete Beach Vacation Rentals and Treasure Island Rentals.

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