Finest Auto Repair And Service In Berkeley

It’s certain that you’re not a fan of taking your car to the mechanic to get it repaired. However, this is something that has to be done and it not only costs you time, but money as well. Not only that, in the back of your mind you’re wondering if the mechanic is doing what needs to be done or if he’s just out for money. There are some out there who will take you for a ride, no pun intended.

Brake fluid, transmission fluid, power steering fluid, coolant, and windshield washer fluid are all relatively easy to check and fill. Most Abschleppdienste shops will triple the price of the fluid and overestimate the amount needed to fill your reservoirs. This results in you paying for a whole can of fluid when only a couple ounces were needed. By purchasing these fluids yourself, you can keep your fluid levels check more often and fill them yourself. The cost savings over a year or two could be substantial. This is especially true on older vehicles. Checking fluid levels is also a good way to detect leaking or worn parts before they fail completely.

Headlights, parking lights, and tail lights are not usually too hard to change. Some car manufacturers have made them difficult to support their service departments. Once you learn how to access the fixture, changing the bulb is generally a five minute task. On most cars, getting to the bulb may require you to remove a cover or a fixture. By doing these jobs yourself, you can get the bulb for a significant savings and avoid a $50 per hour mechanic’s fee for the work. If replacing the light takes 30 minutes, the savings might be one of the biggest service savings you can have.

1 ) Auto repair. You don’t have to be able to rebuild an engine to start an autoservices out of your home. You can offer simple services like oil changes, windshield wiper repair and car detailing. This business works extremely well if you live near an office district. You can have customers drop their cars off on their way to work and offer them a free ride to their office, and pick them up when work is done. This type of business costs almost nothing to start.

Headlights – Check your headlights every so often to ensure that they operate properly. Have your local automotive service provider make certain that they are also aimed properly. The key to effective headlights is to see and be seen.

By driving with one front wheel locked in, and the other locked out, you may do damage to the drive train. The differential in the front axle will be turning and trying to drive the one wheel that is locked. At best this will create additional wear, at worse it may cause damage.

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