Compression Therapy

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<p style__equalto____cout__text-align: justify;__cout__><strong>Ice Bath treatment is also known as cold water immersion therapy or cold therapy.  It’s a procedure that follows intensive exercise training.  The affected parts of the body are submerged in an ice water bath for a short period.</strong></p>
<p style__equalto____cout__text-align: justify;__cout__>Cold Therapy Ice baths are one of the most effective ways to offset the damage done on a run.</p>
<p style__equalto____cout__text-align: justify;__cout__>With years of experience in Ice Bath treatment, we also offer other services like:</p>
<p style__equalto____cout__text-align: justify;__cout__>* Cryotherapy Treatment</p>
<p style__equalto____cout__text-align: justify;__cout__>* Whole Body Cryotherapy</p>
<p style__equalto____cout__text-align: justify;__cout__>* Localized Cryotherapy</p>
<p style__equalto____cout__text-align: justify;__cout__>* Compression Therapy</p>
<p style__equalto____cout__text-align: justify;__cout__>* Facial Cryotherapy</p>
<p style__equalto____cout__text-align: justify;__cout__>* Body Restoration</p>
<p style__equalto____cout__text-align: justify;__cout__>* Infrared Sauna</p>
<p style__equalto____cout__text-align: justify;__cout__>Each patient is assessed thoroughly by a trained member of staff to establish the nature of the visit. The patient will then be spoken through the procedure and will be constantly monitored about time, temperature of water and required sessions, throughout the duration.</p>
<p style__equalto____cout__text-align: justify;__cout__>An Ice Bath will constrict the blood flow and decrease metabolism which helps to reduce the swelling and breakdown of tissues.  They also assist in flushing metabolically generated waste from your muscles.</p>
<p style__equalto____cout__text-align: justify;__cout__><strong>Once you are out of the ice bath, your body begins to get warm which causes the blood to flow faster.  This aids in returning the secondary products of the breakdown of the cells to the lymphatic system to be recycled throughout the body.</strong></p>
<p style__equalto____cout__text-align: justify;__cout__>Benefits of Ice Bath Treatment:</p>
<p style__equalto____cout__text-align: justify;__cout__>* Speeds up the healing process</p>
<p style__equalto____cout__text-align: justify;__cout__>* Delays onset muscle syndrome</p>
<p style__equalto____cout__text-align: justify;__cout__>* Slows the release of chemicals that can cause pain and inflammation</p>
<p style__equalto____cout__text-align: justify;__cout__>* Raises the production of enzymes and hormones for faster recovery</p>
<p style__equalto____cout__text-align: justify;__cout__>* Helps to heal tiny tears in muscle fibres due to hard training</p>
<p style__equalto____cout__text-align: justify;__cout__>Ice Bath immersion therapy usually creates better and longer lasting changes to deep tissues and is far more effective at chilling large muscle groups at the same time.</p>
<p style__equalto____cout__text-align: justify;__cout__><strong>Ice baths and cold water therapy helps reduce lactic acid build up, reduces swelling, and normalize adrenaline production so the body can recover faster than normal.</strong></p>
<p style__equalto____cout__text-align: justify;__cout__>Contact us for more information at <strong>__squarer__phone__squarel__</strong>.</p>
” font_fmaily=”” text_color=”#000000″ show_title=”yes” text_orientation=”left” text_orientation_mob=”left” top_padding=”10″ bottom_padding=”10″ left_padding=”20″ right_padding=”20″ bg_color=”” height=”” width=”” show_on=”A” advance_style_options=”no” css_id=”” css_class=”” display_name=”Text” crawl=”true” content=”<p style__equalto____cout__text-align: justify;__cout__><a href__equalto____cout__><img class__equalto____cout__size-medium wp-image-890 alignleft__cout__ src__equalto____cout__×200.jpg__cout__ alt__equalto____cout____cout__ width__equalto____cout__300__cout__ height__equalto____cout__200__cout__ /></a><em><strong>If you are a triathlete, runner, cyclist, basketball player, football player, or any other type of athlete looking for maximum recovery and performance, the Compression Therapy can help ensure you’re your muscles are at their healthiest.</strong></em></p>
<p style__equalto____cout__text-align: justify;__cout__>At <strong><em>“__squarer__companyname__squarel__”</em></strong>, our highly-trained technicians can help you blend compression therapy with a number of our other cryotherapy treatments in order to get your body functioning optimally, build muscle and endurance quickly, and feeling as good as possible.</p>
<p style__equalto____cout__text-align: justify;__cout__>We utilize three distinctly different massage styles with an eye to speeding up the normal recovery process of the body.  These techniques are: pulsing compression, gradients and distal release. Using these techniques, the body’s circulation is improved which helps you to look better, train harder and recover faster.</p>
<p style__equalto____cout__text-align: justify;__cout__><em><strong>Compression Therapy is beneficial in:</strong></em></p>
<p style__equalto____cout__text-align: justify;__cout__>* Legs</p>
<p style__equalto____cout__text-align: justify;__cout__>* Arms / Chest / Shoulders</p>
<p style__equalto____cout__text-align: justify;__cout__>* Hips / Glutes / Lower Back</p>
<p style__equalto____cout__text-align: justify;__cout__><strong>Our treatments can help alleviate almost any pain you may experience from your training or a grueling schedule of competition. Through the use of our state of the art computerised compression equipment, powerful sequential massaging is performed.</strong></p>
<p style__equalto____cout__text-align: justify;__cout__>The development of this system of treatment was intended to increase the blood flow through the body which speeds recovery times with the enhanced flow of blood.  Lactic acid and residual fluids  are removed from the body through compression therapy.  This helps to speed relief for aching muscles.</p>
<p style__equalto____cout__text-align: justify;__cout__><em><strong>Benefits Of Compression Therapy</strong></em></p>
<p style__equalto____cout__text-align: justify;__cout__>* Reduces inflammation and decreases water accumulation</p>
<p style__equalto____cout__text-align: justify;__cout__>* Aids in the removal of toxins like lactic acid</p>
<p style__equalto____cout__text-align: justify;__cout__>* Improves Circulation</p>
<p style__equalto____cout__text-align: justify;__cout__>* Immediate relief for “heavy legs”</p>
<p style__equalto____cout__text-align: justify;__cout__>* Helps avoid the development of cellulite</p>
<p style__equalto____cout__text-align: justify;__cout__>* Prevention/elimination of first-stage varicose</p>
<p style__equalto____cout__text-align: justify;__cout__>* Strengthens loose skin (due to pregnancy/obesity)</p>
<p style__equalto____cout__text-align: justify;__cout__>A device that can be filled with compressed air is worn on the area of the body that needs the treatment.  Once in place, the device is filled with compressed air.  There is a great deal of research regarding compression therapy and injuries to athletes and how quickly compression therapy works to help in recovery.</p>
<p style__equalto____cout__text-align: justify;__cout__><strong>If you’re feeling sore, whether from chronic pain, injury or from a hard workout, you will definitely want to try this out. Many of our clients use this simply to help boost lymph drainage.</strong></p>
<p style__equalto____cout__text-align: justify;__cout__>Contact us for more information at <strong>__squarer__phone__squarel__</strong>.</p>” module_id=3 ][/jk_mod][/jk_col][/jk_inner_row][/jk_special_col][jk_special_col type=”1_3″ colunms=”2″ is_special=”0″][jk_col size=”4_4″][jk_mod module_name=”sidebar” module_type=”non-content” sidebar=”Sidebar” custom_module_name=”Sidebar” show_on=”A” advance_style_options=”no” css_id=”” css_class=”” display_name=”Sidebar” module_id=”4″ module_id=4 ][/jk_mod][/jk_col][/jk_special_col][/jk_section][jk_section fullwidth_section=”no” special_section=”no” primary=”true” visibility=”false” visibility=”false” section_setting_id=4 ][jk_row primary=”true” visibility=”false” row_setting_id= “4”][jk_col size=”4_4″ primary=”true” ][jk_mod display_name=”Footer” module_name=”footer” module_type=”non-content” primary=”true” module_id=”5″ module_id=5 ][/jk_mod][/jk_col][/jk_row][/jk_section]