Car Travel Tips For Your Pet

In this 21st century, how you present yourself in front of the world will reflect your lifestyle. Even if you are travelling all over the world, if you don’t share the stories and pictures with your friends and family in a way they can easily view, your travel joy will not make any big difference to them. A smart, professional travel blog will help make your dreams a reality.

If you have the talent for it, become a correspondent for a Travel channel or magazine. Working for a travel magazine or a Travel to Thailand channel, you get to see the best of places, live in the best of accommodations and have the best of foods. The best part is, all this is paid for by your employer. The main job of a travel correspondent is to travel around, gather information about a place, and report back. If you can take pictures as well, you are in travel heaven. The pays are really good and the job allows you to do what you love the most.

DB: I’m writing the next book on story theory. The Subtext Book, which will show writers just how critical subtext is to a story power and how to use subtext to make stories that grip and intrigue. It builds on one of the chapters on this topic in The Story Book.

When you need a more detailed account of someone’s life, or when someone is requesting more information about yours, try a blog. Blogging is a great new way to give people insights into your everyday life, complete with pictures and all. A wedding blog can be a great way to let people know how the planning is coming, where the events will be, and where you have registered. Or keep a travel blog while you’re on vacation. Instead of putting all your pictures in a box never to be scrapbooked and shared, you can post them daily on your blog. It’s as personal as keeping a journal, but can help others stay updated on your life.

That term skeeves me out. I break into Travel blog cold sweats when I think about marketing anything. If I had the choice between slapping smiley face stickers on Walmart customers or being a salesman, I would have a lot of glue under my nails. Then there is the plethora of gimmicks out there on how to get rich quick online. The whole thing is a major turn off.

You can pretty much pick how much you want to spend on your accommodations for your Mexico Vacation. It will cost you anywhere from $10-$500 a night, depending on if you want to stay at a hostel or a all inclusive resort. We like a happy medium.

We headed back to the mainland at 6 that evening, tired but full of fun memories of the day. I highly recommend Mackinac Island as a destination for families with elementary-age children. The blend of scenery, activities and history make it hard to beat!