Article Marketing – You’re Doing It Wrong

Social media is a big deal today in the job market. Many hiring managers are using social media websites like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter to find out as much as they can about job candidates before bringing those people in for a job interview. If you are ready to start applying for a job, before you hit the submit button on that application, you may want to take a look at your social media profiles to find out what a potential hiring manager might think of it. Do you have skeletons haunting your social media profiles so much so that you cannot get a job with your job search?

Identify 15 Key Words that Best Describe Your Business. Each business has “keywords” that best describe their services/products. These are the words or phrases that your ideal clients type into Google to find your site. Knowing your keywords is the first step to using SEO well and getting noticed by Google.

Add the Facebook “Like” Box to your Website – When you add this to your website, then people can click “like” and become a fan of your Page (directly from your website). When people come to your website and they see that you have a large following on your Fan page, that also helps build up your credibility.

Now that your content is properly prepped with keywords, concentrate on increasing your external links. Search engines love external linking (called backlinking in the industry); they weigh them positively when they are considering your website’s search ranking position. Find every opportunity you can to increase the amount of locations that link back to your content. A great place to begin is through social media. You can announce your new content immediately on your blogger. If it helps with a solution to someone’s problem, offer them advice and pass on the link. The goal is to soon have others passing the link on as well so that more and more people have quality link backs to your site.

Give your fans a platform to promote on. Once a week, encourage your fans to share their websites and social media profiles to promote themselves on your wall. By doing so, you are giving your fans an opportunity for self promotion whilst decreasing the likelihood that your fans will use your wall for self promotion on other days.

After that, it’s important to make sure the content distributed online is social media profiles media optimized. This means that it needs to get shared on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Digg. The amount of shares directly affects how high the content will rank online.

Simplify the way your readers can subscribe in order for them to get your email updates. Although email marketing can be a bit outdated when compared to marketing with social media, you can still gain the attention of consumers if you have something interesting to promote.

In this article, we have discussed the importance of time management when marketing within the world of social media. We have also provided some beneficial time saving tips. Use these tips effectively to ensure that you are spending the proper amount of time marketing your business on the social media sites.