Answering Service Irritant: Shyness

The human body’s natural course ages as time goes by. Our reflexes begin to slow down, our bodies ache and our systems begin to fail. What happens if you are alone and you fall and hurt yourself? There are solutions available that allow emergency responders to be dispatched immediately to your location. They are called medical alert systems.

If you’re looking for an unconventional Wahm job, then mystery shopping might be for you. You get assignments to visit a business place, make a purchase and then fill out a form to evaluate the customer service, quality of your purchase and other things about your experience. Companies hire mystery shopping for a wide variety of reasons. Some want to investigate the quality of their employees. Others may want to find out how their locations do with stocking items. To get started with mystery shopping, you’ll need to find a mystery shopping company to work for. You should never, ever have to pay for mystery shopping.

Since the weekend is where I could be with my wife, we would do some restaurants and I would order a huge lunch or supper as I missed out on them during the week.

AVOID ROGUE WEBSITES: Unfortunately, this is the down-side to online shopping. Whether you’re shopping for infomercial products or underwear, the virtual online world is always going to present this risk. Before buying from a website, dig deeper into the site to find out who you’re dealing with. Is there a phone number available for you? Do you see a physical address anywhere? Look for a Site-Security Seal. And if the site doesn’t look professional, it probably isn’t. It’s only fair to know who you’re dealing with & how to get in touch with them.

Home call agents have been in the news lately, Good Morning America highlighted call center tijuana positions on a work from home job club segment. And, I came across a Wall Street Journal article about homeshoring rather than offshoring call center jobs. Wait, homeshoring?

If you’re cold calling, you can’t just “wing it” especially during the start of the call. You need to have a script handy and you have to be ready with answers to questions and rebuttals. You will be taking up their time if you’re cold calling so make sure that it’s worth it.

Put yourself in the customer shoes while they are on the phone. Think about how you would feel if you were experiencing the same problem as the customer. Would you be upset and what would you expect from the call center agent. This is sure to help keep the situation as less stressful as possible.