An Interview With Gordian Raacke, Founder Of Renewable Energy Long Island

In this day and age, many people are sincerely interested in green living. It’s become a priority for many families. The reasons why make perfect sense. Many people love the idea of living greener by making a solar power system because they want to conserve energy and reduce their carbon footprint.

All this can work out very expensive, so there needs to be some other solutions. Luckily investing some time online you can find a great store to purchase from and you solar appointments can save a lot of money.

Every lead that you residential solar appointments purchase including exclusive needs to be bought and used with this understanding. If you have worked in this business for any length of time you know that there’s never any guarantee that a lead will be fruitful. How you follow up and follow through will make all the difference.

Portable solar energy systems are really simpler to build than you might think. When we were looking into it ourselves we found that we could actually get it all set up for less than two hundred dollars. We reckoned that we could save as much money as that every month for ever.

It’s Safe and Reliable. The Department of Defense from NASA to flight engineers had reliability towards the top of their set of criteria. In fact, solar power panels are extremely reliable that functions and features offering 20 to twenty-five year warranties on his or her products and fully expect them to last over 35 years!

We all know that planet Earth is becoming increasingly adulterated each year. Green living is a term used to describe a lifestyle lived by people who want to save the environment. All individual citizens need to resolve if they desire to be part of the green living group. Living green has gotten a bad name by the radical groups that grab all the attention. You don’t have to be a tree hugger to do your share to save the planet. Not everyone has to utilize Solar Appointment Company power or construct a wind turbine to generate heat and electricity. There are a lot of simple, ordinary things that the great majority of the population can do. And if you teach your kids these small things, it will become second nature to them, and it will keep on helping the planet in the future.

A home DIY solar power system is actually quite simple. There are only 4 main components which are the solar panels, charge controller, battery bank and power inverter. The other smaller parts supporting the system are amperage meter, voltage meter, circuit breaker and cut off fuses.

Now that’s a lot easier to digest than spending around three thousand dollars wouldn’t you agree? We think so. And even if you’ve never been good with tools, it doesn’t matter because it doesn’t take much “know-how” to build solar panel systems. And in case you’re wondering, you can make solar panels that look just as good as the three thousand dollar systems!