Airfares Up 12 Percent For Thanksgiving Travel

Make a Google search of your name every week or so to see what is out there on the web and find out what is being said about you and how many times your name pops up. If your name is Sue Smith it may be wise to invest in a few name domains so you can attempt to own your own name. This will help you control what is said about you. You want to make it hard for anyone to redefine you. If you Google your name and nothing comes up then you are not doing enough to be considered Live on the web. Do EzineArticles, do blogs, do press releases to get your good name seen and heard.

Go for a customized blog theme with a preview option: The template that you download should offer options for you to customize it. For instance, you may decide to put 5 related posts instead of 7 that come along with the blog theme. Most themes do offer a lot of customizations but it is nice to be sure. Also, always look how the blog theme appears through the ‘preview’ or ‘demo option’.

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Ask the hotel to price match. For example, if you find a similar hotel in that area offering $89 per night, but this hotel charges $99, ask them to match the price of the competitor to get your business. Many hotels will take you up on this option. A loss of ten dollars to get per night especially if that room was going Travel blog to sit empty for that evening.

Purses. One muted metallic clutch (bronze or pewter, for example), a casual cross-body bag (wear on the plane, too) in a go-with-everything color (mine was olive green; one of my friends carries her burnt orange bag everywhere), and a tote.

Coffee: With the rise of home brew systems, flavored coffees and brewers sell well. Conduct a Web search to find the contact information of manufacturers and send them a donation request. Some companies will send you a coffee system or a basket of coffees as a donation for your silent auction.

However, a cruise would be a wonderful choice if you would like to visit different places. When it comes to visiting several locations, you won’t be hassled by the discomfort that trains and planes bring and even driving your own car. Read about one of the best travel tips.