A Simpler Life – Inspiration As The Cure For Over-Complexity

Are you tired of getting started with a diet and exercise plan with a ton of motivation… only to lose this motivation sometime after? There have been many studies indicating that most people give up on their diets within one to two weeks after starting. The biggest reason why? A loss of motivation. This is something that happened to me very frequently… and as a result, I wound up stopping and starting diets several times! The good news is that through lots of headaches and disappointments, I realized a simple plan to help me get and STAY motivated. With this plan, I had a ton of motivation to finish my program… and I still have a ton of motivation to stay living healthy for life.

My friend left the table to visit the restroom, and I was left alone with my thoughts about our intense discussion. Had I really “heard” the message correctly in my own heart or mind? I thought I’d given my friend the product of real inspiration – the kind of Heaven-sent message I believe all of us have available to us all the time but are usually deaf to hearing – but had I, really? Had I given her a good idea, or a disastrous one? Would following my advice needlessly cost her a lot of money? Was hers a problem that would, as her other friends had suggested, be better solved by tough-mindedness than by extraordinary generosity?

Motivation comes from what we tell ourselves about any goal. Human behavior is goal oriented. Staying motivated is a thought away. If you need motivation to accomplish a task today, change what you think about the task.

Wedding Expos. Take a trip to your local wedding expo. Explore the different vendors and get an idea of which vendors you feel most connected to and would like to use. Make sure to talk to everyone – get an idea for their style and personalities and don’t forget to grab a bunch of brochures and business cards for later. Once you have your New content every week book & have gathered a few ideas of what you want your perfect day to be like, spend some time looking at your local vendors websites and make a few appointments.

You see, many private traders start off with T motivation as they want to achieve wealth. Because “wealth” is such a vague term i.e. not crystal clear, their T motivation starts to weaken. Worse still, one day they’ve got hit by a few losing trades and they start thinking of ways to protect their capital. In the process, T motivation switches to become AF motivation. Since then, these traders are so driven by the AF motivation that they did a really good job protecting their money.

Fact: When you want to travel to a destination, first you need to know where you want to go. Like the saying in Alice in Wonderland “If you don’t know where you are going, any road will get you there”. Imagine going to a train station and asking for a ticket, the first question asked will be ‘Where to?’ First you need to know where you want to go and you need a reason for wanting to go there. You need to feel the excitement of reaching your destination. The feeling of arriving at your destination needs to be more powerful than the feeling of staying where you are.

In the end if you really want this thing, be it learning to design your own clothes or finishing that book, you can have it. The trick is to motivate yourself. Because the sad truth is if you aren’t motivated then you won’t get it accomplished between daily lives. So make sure to make your goal a priority and remind yourself why you wanted it in the first place. The motivation is already inside you, you just have to make it work for you. Motivation is the key to self-improvement. And the best part is you already have that motivation inside you. Sometimes, you just have to remind yourself.